CAME Accordion – Get Your Camera Where You Need It

CAME Accordion – get your camera where you need it

The CAME Accordion is a scissor-arm crane which looks like an accordion, or aMeccano model construction device, depending on your outlook on life. All joking aside, it is actually a 15′ extendable arm which can help to get your camera right amongst the action—and it supports a payload of up to 15KG. Its scissor action is powered by a v-mount battery, though you’ll need to supply your own, as the Accordion isn’t shipped with one.

Unless you’re Mr. Fantastic, I am sure you’ll find a variety of fun and useful ways to put the CAME Accordion to use. If you are Mr. Fantastic, however, it might still be worth picking one up just to help create conversation on set—and that is something that this item definitely will do—as long as you don’t mind paying a rather substantial amount!

The CAME Accordion will cost $3,400 and like the rest of the products displayed by CAME-TV at NAB, it will be available for pre-order soon.


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